Tuesday, 6 February 2018

"I'm in the WORST maths class."

Right as I snapped this photo of the two of us on the plane he puts his hands up to his face, saying he had a VERY bad feeling about this plane trip. I said mate I'm usually the worrier, don't worry, it's going to be fine.

He just looks at me: "You don't know that."

I changed the subject even though my brain was screaming WE ARE GOING TO DIE. After all the countless plane trips I've been on in my whole life (maybe about a hundred?) .. I realised I've never taken notice of the emergency procedures protocol!!?? I *literally* have no idea what to do if the oxygen masks fell from the airplane ceiling. I wouldn't know how to connect it, where the proper exits were. Is there even a crash position? I've watched the hosts and hostesses perform the actions over all these years but I can't learn just by looking and listening. My head just gets carried away with stupid shit like "Oh man how does she get such glossy hair?" So I sit there wondering if her lifestyle really is glamorous until the show's over and yet again I'm ignorant about emergency procedures. Besides: of COURSE I'd put the oxygen mask on my kids first even though you're not supposed to.

Passengers getting into their crash positions in the film Flying High (Airplane.) Why don't they make movies like that anymore?


So he went back to school last week, he's going really well, and tonight was one of the best conversations we've ever had and man we've had some doozies.

"Mum I'm in the WORST maths class."
"Oh no, mate - why?"
"Because it's the worst. Like, worst as in the *easiest* maths class. I'm not in the hard class anymore."
"Well how is it?"
"IT'S SO GOOD!! The teacher lets us play maths games that are so easy. So so easy."

Should I have interjected, told him that obviously he can go up a level in maths? Possibly.

I don't care what grades my kids get or what classes they're in, I just want them to be ok. If it's really bad I'll look into getting a tutor in high school. Maybe. After everything my kids and I have been through, their mental health, wellbeing and happiness is more important than their schoolwork. I flunked school so badly, failed every single subject except English. And I don't care, because I'm so not dumb.

The things I want for my kids aren't in textbooks they're the things that make them who they are. Self esteem, confidence, empathy, happiness. I somehow always remained curious and hopefully they will too because there's always something new to learn.

I said: "Hey mate don't ever think you're dumb. You're one of the smartest people I know."

"I don't think I'm dumb. Oh, and also I accidentally left my lunchbox at school today but I promise to get it tomorrow ok bye!!" (Runs off to make himself a snack leaving crumbs all over the bench.)

I love him.

There's only two chances of him finding his brand new lunchbox - slim and none. 

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