Monday, 5 February 2018


There's the word "resilience" which is a great word but I prefer the term "grit." Grit reminds me of getting through dirty muddy water, grit's when you want to stop running in the school cross country I mean you're coming last anyway and you gotta stitch but you keep going and finish the fucker.

Grit is the actual grit that gets into an oyster so the oyster secretes layer after layer of jizz until a pearl is made. Grit is when you're over (so over) but to your surprise just because you kept putting one foot in front of the other you walk into a clearing in the forest and can rest awhile. Right in the nick of time.

We grit our teeth when we're angry, grit our hearts when we're sad. Apparently scientists have found a grit gene in some people - I have grit in spades and my sons do too. I'm not going to claim ownership over their grit because we're all born with different sets of circumstances and life is largely how we respond to it - but all my guys have GRIT.

I've been taking my 16-year old son out for driving lessons and I'm not sure if I'm a great teacher because I just let him drive. I tell him he's got this, he can do it .. and he has and does. He drove on the freeway for the first time last week. Remember your first time driving on the freeway, how scary it was? He nailed it.

He text me something and said it was his favourite thing to watch when he needs motivation - holy crappers it's as incredible as he is. He's a young adult now, learning and living his own life in this hard world. Just like his older brother and younger brother. I'm a mother of boys and like I said - I can't claim ownership of the people they have become but I'm bursting with pride at all of them, of how they've gotten through the things they've had to get through. I like to think I have a little positive input into the fabric of who they are.

(The last sentence of this video Max sent me absolutely SLAYS.)

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