Friday, 17 November 2017

Walked On Water

Hi! I'm ok right now this second, you?

                                              Katoomba Street, November 2017 

I'm taking Rocco and his mate to the movies tomorrow, somebody gave us Gold Class tickets which I'm inordinately excited about.

He's tired, and sensitive, and only nine. I've a long history of mothering boys .. you know how you finally learn how to do shit right on your last kid? Yeah. Tonight I cooked steak for dinner. We ate it while watching netflix. I introduced him to Fantales .. they are smaller than I remember? Or I've gotten bigger? All I know is, one of us has changed FANTALES.

Jokes we all change. You live long enough and life forces you to change. You live long enough and you see things in a completely different life (pun intended.) Last week mum and I visited the flat in Newtown that Cam died in. Mum took yellow roses and left them .. it was really peaceful, I'm glad we did it, and I only cried after I got home.

                                                                   Missing U

How's the current climate of the #metoo campaign? Jaysus I've had to block out a lot of memories lately. If I had girls, I stand with Helen.

This week Eminem nonchalantly dropped his new single featuring Beyonce (her part sung here by Skylar Grey.) It's about not being who people think you are, second-guessing yourself, the wild ride of living a creative life. I've got a huge case of writers block which I've never experienced before. I think writers block - any block - is fear. I have a huge case of fear which is now dwindling because the tincture for that is love, truth, courage, etc. All the good marrow stuff.

I give life a seven and a half out of ten, this week. Not bad, all things considered.

We go on.

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