Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Shout-outs To The People And Some Stuff That Need Shout-outs.

Shout-out to the donut icer person at the local supermarket in Katoomba for knowing they had WAY too much leftover pink icing. Obviously they just thought "fuck it."

                                                  THEY WERE DELICIOUS!

Shout-out to Ragnar Lothbrook do not even get me started about Lagertha this season.

Shout-out to Halloween being finished this year, I'm not used to it and it will never not be embarrassing asking for lollies.

Him: Holding a plastic bloody scythe. Me: Holding the machete I smuggled back from Africa.

Shout-out to these tables I saw the other week.

Shout-out to Mark from Glasgow who made me laugh SO HARD and I'm sorry for asking you to repeat every third word. (No nothing happened - he already has what they call "a bird" and when you say "bird" you have to roll your R's. (Not your arse.)

Mark said he never wants to come to Australia ... "I HATE THE SUN. AND SPIDERS." #istandwithmark

Shout-out to my cousin Marina for MAKING A HUMAN CALLED HARVEY.

Shout-out to both me and Rocco for having EXACTLY the same facial expressions when we first held him.

Shout-out to Dumbo Feather Magazine for re-subscribing me for another year just because I was on their cover wearing no makeup that time.


Pitfall. PacMan. Defender. Space Invaders .... even Chess. I been gaming since 1981. When Rocco saw my reaction to this he said he's going to save up and buy it for me for Christmas. We're currently in the throes of the new Crash Bandicoot how HARD is it also deeply satisfying when we finally, finally beat the level.

Shout-out to Rocco just for being his incredible, surreal, deep-thinking wise little self.

Shout-out to this cup that just makes me feel happy especially at the moment when I'm writing a book and script at the same time. "Bite off more than you can chew and chew like crazy!"

Shout-out to Uberkate Jewels who gave this to me for free even though I didn't even ask for it. I'm never taking it off and I'm never losing it. Cried when I opened it.

Shout-out to the lyrics and video of this Tori Amos song that never ever ceases to blow my mind and build me back up again.

(COMMENTS OFF STILL SORRY) Shout-out to you and me for still being here let's keep that shit up.

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