Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My head wants me dead. If your head wants you dead too, watch this, hang on, reach out, get through.

The most unadulterated raw thing I've ever out on the internet .. but I feel the people who need to see it and resonate it with it need to see it. I've reached out today, spoke to people, did my washing, coped.

But it's hard - life is very hard for most (all?) of us, whether we show it or not. I'm showing it. Pretty brutally honest but it is what it is. Please share it with people you think might need to see it. I'm here, waving not drowning. Sometimes it's the other way around but people who I let in get me through. A lot of the time I don't let people in until after WOAH YOU GUYS I JUST BEEN THROUGH HELL!

I started praying for strength today but realised - I've already been given it, I was born with it, in abundance. The world is so frightening it's heightening my senses. Especially now. How will our children do this life and will change for the better? I hope so, oh my guys.

But hey - hello. My name is Eden, if I can do this I swear to heavens you can to.

(Am also sharing this on my Edenland Facebook account if you care to share ... am turning my computer off for a while because I'm so very embarrassed. Too truthy ... is there such a thing? Yes.)

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Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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