Monday, 14 November 2016

Times Like These

Check out the clock I took a picture of today at Central Station ... NO HANDS. 

On the weekend my son went and chose a DVD from the booth while I was buying hot cinnamon donuts. After he chose, we sat down at a table and told me he helped a lady choose her DVD because it's confusing when you're not used to it and don't have an email address. Not everybody has an email address .. so refreshing. The lady ended up sitting next to us for a little rest and looked and said "You're the boy who just helped me!" And he said yes and she commented on what a confident guy he was. Asked his name. Asked my name. Her name was Jessica. I asked her what movie she chose.

"Well, I had to choose a sad one."

I literally lifted my head back and laughed SO HARD. She asked why I was laughing and I told her that I loved that she was choosing a sad one. She told me she had to because her therapist told her that after a lifetime of suppressing her feelings, she needed to cry and feel more. Told her oh my goodness I would swap in a second, that I feel too much, and cry TOO much. Rocco piped up,

"Yeah mum cries a lot."

Jessica was all about purple. She moved to our table unannounced and I had to pause my donut-eating to listen to her telling me about astrology and what's my star sign and what's Rocco's star sign. She's a Gemini - or Libra. I don't know much about those two signs. Rocco's a taurus.

"Oh that's why you're so sure of yourself and determined, young man."

She loves Pisces, same. I LOVE being a Pisces. We're the only water sign that doesn't have a protective hard shell. Told her I'd recently been in hell but was coming up for air. Told her there was a supermoon coming up, she said the moon was always super. She told me this time in my life would pass and it won't always be so busy. I talked over her at one point and she said wait, let me finish.

At that, Rocco choked a bit on his donut and laughed. She looked at him so I said "Bless you sweetheart!"  .. as if he sneezed but he knew I was trying to cover for him which made him laugh more.

More conversation ensued but then the donut shop lady started packing up the chairs so we had to go. I told Jessica some recent stuff about me.

"Really? So what makes you so interesting?"

Told her everybody was interesting but she was too sharp to be blown off so when she pressed further I confessed my online sins. She pulls out an little lined old-school writing pad and demanded I wrote down what this website was called. I wrote it down. She asked if it was uppercase or lowercase. I told her it didn't matter. Don't think she believed me. Next time she has her iPad she's going to look me up so I warned her about the swearing.

It was really time to go so we bid goodbye and as we walked off, Rocco told me that she'd really helped me. Doesn't miss a trick.

Got back to my flat, was spending the entire day going through all of my clothes. Rocco kept jumping in the middle of them and asking if he could sleep in there it was so comfortable.

THE DEAR LITTLE FAAAACE. (Remember that scene from E.T. when he was hiding in all of Gerties toys?)

We had strawberries and hot chips for dinner while watching THE MOST inappropriate film for an 8-year old.

"Dude .. do you think I would have said yes if you'd asked me if you could hire this movie?"

"No. So I didn't ask."

We both complained about too much chicken salt on the chips but kept eating them anyway - annoying. The guy didn't even ask if we wanted chicken salt he just threw it all on willy-nilly. If I'd wanted chicken salt I would have put the salt on myself.

Anyway today is a good calm strong day ... Mondyay! I dropped Rocco off to a friends house this morning at the crack after packing his schoolbag last night with a hand-scrawled note in his lunchbox as a surprise. Two Darth Vader vanilla yoghurts. An individual little pot of pasta salad because he hates sandwiches. Apple. Strawberries. Drink. His homework and a book for free-time reading. All of the things.

Caught a train and soon a plane where people just line up and walk onto a tin can which then FLIES UP INTO THE SKY. Craziness.

So it's Times Like These, the song de fucken jour. I'm rocking my head and tapping my boots and don't really care who sees I'll never see any of these airport people again .. unless they're all extras in my life who just take on different roles but don't think that, brain. Chill. Get on the tin can and fly away.

"I'm a one wild light blinding bright ..
Burning off alone."

(Comments off for safety reasons hey I've never in my life listened and watched the safety instructions before a plane takes off. Am screwed if the plane crashes.)

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