Friday, 2 September 2016

The Wall Of Dead White Males.


One morning when I was in Darwin with Annie she made me get up and go to the markets with her. Which was good, but I took some convincing to get out of the door because society. She promised me we'd be back in half an hour so we went .. best markets ever. I took a photo of a truck because it was cool. And green. (It's not easy.)

The market stalls were being packed up. I followed Annie around the corner .. had to keep up, that girl moves FAST.


As soon as we walked in we were literally confronted with this.

An exhibition called "The Most Stolen Race On Earth." It was like a suckerpunch.

Out of all of it, this is the one thing that has stayed with me ... "The Wall of Dead White Males." 

There's all the celebrated guys over history that we all fawn over and quote - Socrates, Plato, Nietzsche, etc. The big thinkers .. a bunch of white guys lauded for their exceptional insight and wisdom and knowledge. Which they did have - but imagine the collective knowledge and wisdom that died with all of the murdered and disenfranchised Aboriginal people, gone forever and taking with them the legacy of everything they knew and experienced.

All the things we didn't even know that we needed to know.


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