Thursday, 28 July 2016

Get The Hell Out Of Dodge.

On Tuesday I shoved some clothes into a bag, grabbed my toiletries and meds, and fanged it up to Katoomba Station to get the train to Sydney airport to get on a plane to travel across the country to go to Darwin. Wasn't sure if I could do it because I was having one of those lifey moments but my friend had already bought me the ticket and that'd just be a waste.

On the train it got to night time but I still left my sunglasses and hoodie up because then people wouldn't look at me. Listened to Florence and the Machine on the way down over and over and gosh all the feelings. Didn't even know why I was crying. It was kind of a relief tears, missing boys tears, brother tears, I need a Soul getaway tears. Left my sunnies on all through the airport, and my headphones because peopley people and their peopleness ugh.

Missed my flight (what a surprise!) got on the next flight, cried, had a whole row of seats to myself, slept, then Annie picked me up from Darwin airport at 1.30am in the morning greeting me with a huge hug and her dog Sid in the back seat of her car.

So I'm literally actually in Darwin right now .. have been to many places in the world but never the Northern Territory. From sub-zero ice temperatures in the Blue Mountains to heat and thongs and tank tops my Soul is warm.

Annie is my tour guide. Yesterday she took me to the local botanical gardens with all these trees and I told her about this tree that grows in scraggly rocks over in Scotland that need a few drops of water every year to survive and how I've always described myself as that and I demonstrated the tree and she told me to wait while she took a picture.

                                     Scottish Scraggly Rock Interpretation 

Today? Well today she told me to get on a bike and went bike riding and I've never bike-rode like this before, just free and fun and .. something? What haven't I been able to bike ride all these years, with my family, able to enjoy the moment? What has been wrong? Oh!

We rode and rode and stopped at the turquoise teal coloured beach ocean and when I walked on the sand I told Annie I haven't been to the beach in over a year. I made it this whole way to stand on the beach today in Darwin how lucky am I?

Annie tells me everything about everything. You've never meet an Annie like this Annie. She's taking me to the recovery round-up in a few days and we'll sleep in tents and she's got the swags ready and we'll do meetings under the stars.

                                            Me and Annie.

I got ochre on my hands and lagged behind on the bike on the way back because I been so unfit and then came back to sleep and now we're about to go to the night markets and then do a meeting. Annie's waiting right now for me to finish writing this and I'm like FIVE MORE MINUTES I PROMISE. I'm so annoying but I had to get this out and tell you guys but I gotta go. More later. Hey guess what I'm in Darwin and I'm allowed to be here and I'm not doing anything wrong and I stood in the ocean. Again. Hello it's nice to meet me everything is ok maybe.

Missed the June Dalley Watkins boat I still stand like a man whatever.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

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