Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Things I Will Never Forget.

Yesterday I caught a train down to Sydney - like with my bare hands you guys I CAUGHT A TRAIN. Surprised it didn't make the news: "Weepy redhead catches train that was just thrown at her for no reason. Film at eleven."

Clare Bowditch asked me on to her radio show. I haven't done much media for a while but I'm a huge fan of Clare, she's an incredible woman who stands for a lot of things. She's also an insanely talented singer, has won an Aria, was hand-picked to open for Leonard Cohen a few years back, once crowned Rolling Stone Magazine's "Woman of the Year" for her contribution to culture. Clare runs the Big Hearted Business: "We teach creative people about business, and business people about creativity, in ways that make sense." I need that bad because Siri can't tell me "how to make money from your creativity" because Siri isn't real and doesn't live in the actual world and if she did she wouldn't be typing this using her phone as a modem racking up a trillion dollars in Telstra bills.

So I get to the studio late because I sat downstairs in the ABC studio lobby re-writing the ending of the slam-poem Clare asked me to perform on her show. But we got there and had a fifteen minute chat and I cannot convey how much I adore this woman and her big heart. You can listen to my poem - I could have done better. 7/10.


We had a great chat. About writing, mental health labels, creativity, starting a new career path as a woman over 40 (Happy International Women's Day!) and heaps more I can't remember we could have talked for hours.

The full interview is kind of near the beginning of this podcast, which is online for the next week HERE.

This is Clare Bowditch:

Clare Bowditch sings a song called "The Most Beautiful Lies" with includes lyrics like:

"Here in this bed
You once so famously said
"You're Frida, I'm Diego"
If that were true
I'd take a lover and forgive you."

After the interview I ate lunch, walked around Sydney, hated Sydney with all its ghosts and crappy memories so I hightailed it home ... catching another train. Which I kind of sobbed on out loud? In the quiet carriage. For a lot of reasons. Then my friend met me at the station and we went to a meeting and I was exhausted by emotions and life. This emotional life ugh emotions get them off.

Thank you Clare for having me on your show .. it really meant a lot to me. You big-hearted ginger you.

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