Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Librarian and Me.

Last week Rocco and I took a taxi, train, plane, train, and then car to visit my friend Megan, her husband Dan, their two gorgeous girls, and one anxious dog named Tyson.

Megan live in Brisbane aka too faraway from me. She is my best friend in the world. We even had a fight and made up while I was there. The week was stressful, beautiful, fun, sad, depressing, full-on, insightful, and hilarious.

Oh her girls. I have claimed these girls as my own. They adore me - even Pud, who never hugs anyone the way she hugs me. They've named all of my tattoos and I've banned them from getting tattoos until they are thirty.

Megan and I would text each other random photos from different places in the house. This was one morning after one of her girls used the bathroom.

This was the ever-present naked baby in the kitchen that I'd always find in some unusual pose like an ongoing installation of ephemeral art.

This was after Megan cooked yet ANOTHER delicious meal and I'd clean up afterwards and she'd appreciate it so much because doesn't everyone need a wife? I text her this photo telling her I was NOT putting my hands near that shit. So we made Dan do it.

I love Dan.

Dan and I have the most revolting, inappropriate, highly offensive, and awesome conversations. He's here on the right and his mate Grant on the left and we had so many talks late into the night under the house in the mancave that Megan hates because she's so stylish it's incredible. I love that mancave. It's so ugly and beautiful. The day I left Grant hugged me and said "Well, it's been a strange pleasure to meet you." 

This guy had the best, best time. Up at the crack of dawn EVERY morning, he'd creep in to the girls room and wake them up by either poking them in the face or by making fart noises. They ran around the house, weeded the garden, ate sushi, fought, went canoeing, to the movies, Megan's library, the park. He had a ball.

And even though it was my brothers birthday while we were there I managed to keep it together and the day passed gently because Megan knows what it feels to not celebrate the birthday of a brother who has taken himself away. That night she unceremoniously dumped some drawers in front of me on the kitchen table and told me I was to organise her jewellery. I said no. But did it anyway - my lord this woman is bossy.

It was boring at first but then I fully got into it and accepted the challenge of matching up all of her earrings, putting crosses on the correct chains, and making a huge pile of crap stuff after mercilessly mocking her about them. I like the way this woman thinks. I realised later that she kept me busy when she saw me about to lose it. I falter a lot and can easily sit frozen on the couch but she kept me busy so I wasn't so lost in my head.

I, in turn, attempted to show her how to take a selfie without showing your neck because there's point in a woman life where her neck gets a bit crepey, a tad turkey.


Finally it was time to go back home "to Australia." Megan loaded Rocco up with so so many books that I had to lug through boarding gates and security checkpoints. But she reinforced Rocco's passion for reading. I thanked her for it and promised I'd do everything I could to make sure he keeps it up.

He read three books in two days, such is the magic of Megan of Children's Books Daily. The morning after we got home we didn't turn the television on. We silently read together, engrossed in our own books from Megan.

And it was good. It was also freezing so I lit the fire and made breakfast and hot chocolates and cheap coffee sachets and I'm already planning when I can go visit her again. Maybe next week. Or tomorrow.

That's my loooove face. 

Obviously the Universe brought us together and I'm never letting her go. Keep telling her: "If you die before me I will fucking kill you."

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