Monday, 10 August 2015

When Eden Met Maggie.

I first met Maggie when she was an embryo. However I think I've known her my whole life.

My friend Beth knew how tricky certain dates on the calendar were for me last year and that they all started with the first day of spring so you know what gift she gave me? She rang me up on the first day of spring to tell me she was pregnant with a baby, she was to bring a new Soul into the world. Now, instead of the first day of spring signifying the last day I ever saw my brother ... it's now the day I first heard of Maggie's existence.

And boyo does Maggie exist.

Words can hardly describe this baby. We're all in agreement that Beth has actually given birth to the Dailai Lama? She only has eyes for her mama but I swear .. when I met Maggie, she recognised something. Saw something in me that I'd long forgotten, or never even really knew was in there.

I'd set up my little cottage with the sole purpose of impressing Beth and I did that. And we talked for maybe four hours non-stop. I lost count. Just talked and talked and talked. And ate baked goods and laughed. When Beth bit into her very first bee-sting? I told her the look on her face was like she'd just been crowned Miss Universe Australia, she was so overwhelmed with the pastry, cream, and custard. Asked me with her mouth FULL ... "What sorcery is this?"

Picture is fuzzy because I was in too much of a rush to get eating with my friend. I love people who enjoy their food as much as I do. (Beth, your eyebrows are on point - AND fancy red lipstick.)

Maggie just lay there and cooed, mostly slept. I kept looking at her. Her mere presence was something ... extraordinary. The very best gift I've been given in a while was to see two of my favourite girls.

After a while it was time for them to leave and I apologised to Beth that we didn't go anywhere and she said she didn't want to go anywhere and I didn't want to go anywhere either. When Beth took a torlet break before her big drive back home, you bet I grabbed Maggie and took a series of selfies that would make Kim Kardashian proud.

Eden: "Hey Maggie, It is SO lovely to finally meet you in actual person."
Maggie: "So Eden have you even BRUSHED your hair?"

Eden: "Maggie, pull my finger."
Maggie: "Dude, I'm on full-cream breastmilk. Pull MY finger."

Eden: "Maggie stop trying to grab the camera."
Maggie: "It's not a camera it's a phone and you're doing selfies wrong and your shellac is chipped."

Eden: "Maggie I'm completely and utterly in love with you and thank you for the hope and when I think about you in the world I cry and when I read your mum's post about us meeting I cried. I've read it a few times and every time I read it I cry and the last time I read it? I was weeping and found myself apologising to God whatever that means and I suddenly noticed my tears were so pure after my apology and I had been forgiven and you did this, Maggie. I'm not sure how or what or why .. but thank you, for doing this."

Maggie: "Love. The answer is and always will be love. Simple. You take care, Eden."

Eden: "I will. I will take a lot of care."


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