Monday, 3 August 2015

To Write Love In The Snow.

It snowed up here in Katoomba recently. Not just snowed ... it SNOWED.

I was staying in a hotel at the time and went outside late the night before - really late, just as the snow started gently coming down. It was magic. Snow makes everything magic. It was so quiet!

Bruised. Cracked. Never broken.

The next morning I was joined by a certain young lad who had never seen snow before and we played in it the entire day.

Literally, the entire day. We rushed downstairs to gather the snow up and take it back upstairs to my room to make snowballs to throw.

We walked up the street and everything was white, there were snowmen everywhere, everybody was happy. Snow brings out the joy in people.

 Even the car got in on the action .. though we didn't drive anywhere.

My mum was staying up the mountains at the Carrington and took this photo ... she got snowed in!

He declared it .. "The best day of my life and I'm only seven!" Said he wished it was the same day over and over again for his whole life. I told him if he had the same day over and over again he'd get really bored. That no two days are ever the same.

"No WAY would I get bored of that day!"

It's funny how things turn out. if I wasn't staying at that exact hotel at that exact time, he never would have had that day. And neither would I.

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