Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Part Of.

This morning I had a conversation with an older lady in the fruit shop and we got talking about the frost and how my son thought it had snowed again and she laughed and showed me a photo on her phone of her cat called Madame looking outside at the snow the other week.

"She was disgusted .. did not set a paw upon that snow!"

I told her that I wanted to get a dog and Rocco asked if we could call the dog "cat" and everybody in the fruit shop laughed.

Then I went next door to Norm's butchery and bought some chicken schnitzel that he crumbs himself and the young guy serving me complimented me on my boots and I said thank you for noticing and that they make me feel tough when I wear them and he said I carried them off well.

Came back to put some more wood on the fire before I go to Open Day at school. My friend Naomi is going to save me a seat because I always get ridiculously anxious at those things for no reason at all.

And now I'm sitting in the sun and all the frost has melted and I'm drinking one of those cappuchino sachets which actually taste quite nice and I feel ok. That's all I aspire to, lately. To feel ok.

My friend Chrissie tagged me in this song on Facebook and I can't stop watching it .. it seems to be a collaboration with musicians all around the world and it reminds me that we are all connected, I don't have to make myself an outsider I can actually be "part of" things .. and sometimes a random conversation in a fruit shop can brighten everybody's day.

(The guy at two minutes seven seconds ROCKS IT.)

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