Friday, 10 July 2015

Heroes In A Half Shell

Once upon a time way back in the late eighties, a show came on TV that had young kids - especially boys - completely spellbound. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were the BOMB. It was a marketers wet dream - figurines, videos, plush toys, Pez dispensers, skateboards. It started off as a piss-take and ended up this multi-million dollar thing.

A certain young boy and a certain teenage girl would watch this new show together, these strange four turtles named after four Renaissance artists. The young blonde, brown haired boy would lose his SHIT when he heard the catchy theme song come on. Sometimes the girl would lure him into the living room by turning the volume up so loud and she'd just sit and wait for him to come bolting like he always did, eyes lit up, running around like a madguy.

And when their mum wasn't home? Well then he just got so excited he'd jump up on the couch and literally jump from couch to couch to chair and back again, screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs.


And right on the word "power" he'd plonk himself down as if on cue. And be engrossed for the next half hour or however long it went for. The teenage girl stayed and watched it with him, though she never liked it particularly much.

Yesterday the teenage girl was now an older lady and she walked the streets of Richmond searching for presents to send to sons of her own, she missed them so! Wrote them cards, made sure they had the exact amount of presents in each bag.

She glanced down an alley, saw this, took a wistful photo.

Doesn't want to know which turtle it is. Donatello? Raphael? It doesn't matter now.

Who would have thought all these years later all these things happened and the little boy would leave and she'd be standing in the street, with tears of pain but also relief that HE wasn't in pain. Anymore. All gone.

And the sound of his sweet voice echoed in her head."Eed .... one day, when mum's not looking ... do you think we could have pizza for breakfast?"

She said of course. Anything for him. Anything.

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