Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Incredible SAMA Katoomba Street Art Walk.

"Grace makes beauty ... out of ugly things." - Bono

In one of the dingiest laneways in Katoomba, Blue Mountains ... a majestic transformation has occurred.

Don't you love seeing beauty rise amongst garbage, decay, neglect?

I love this one .... dirty pipes transformed into a GOLDEN FRAME

The detail and passion, artistry and vision. All from a humble aerosol can.

The SAMA (Street Art Murals Australia) walk launched over the Winter Magic Weekend Katoomba on the 20th and 21st June. A mixture of 25 local and international street artists converged and concentrated on their art ... and when art and passion and creativity and permission collide, amazing things happen.

I've known Beverly Lane for seventeen years. It's around the corner from the small rental house we brought Max home to after he was born. It was the shortcut I'd take to push him in the pram up to the shops when I didn't yet have my drivers license.

I had the most visceral reaction to this one, tears streaming down my face. Something about seeking land, seeking shelter, seeking asylum. Feeling lost and helpless, at the mercy of the waves. no stopping allowed.

This was one of my favourites. Yin yang good evil black white dark light. We all got it. Every one of us. 

Felt so sad for this bare guy with the green door. Does he feel left out? Less than, because everybody's now much, much fancier than him? Nobody looks at Mr Green Door the way they look at his now opulent neighbours. People would barely give him a second glance. But don't worry, Greenie. Look at all that potential you have, just sitting on those mismatched bricks. I see you ... I see your broken window cage like a rib cage bursting with heart and your leaky ceiling crying from neglect and your dirty walls and rusty pipes but it's no pipe dream - YOU are the most special building on the block now! YOU are the one with the most promise, the most to look forward to! Imagine what you will become, what transformation awaits for you.

Just be patient, sweetheart. Be still. Like all those caterpillars who think the cocoon is the end, that their lives are finished and they never amounted to much, wistfully staring up at the wonder of the butterflies.

Just you wait til you see who you're gonna be, Mr Green Door. Just you wait.

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