Thursday, 18 June 2015

Found In Translation.

I can't quite articulate exactly why such emotion swells up in me when I watch this clip. Obviously, it's one of the most rocking songs ever with a wicked beat and stand-up lyrics but ... it's not even the fact that it's being interpreted to sign language.

I think it's Shelby's power, her raw and stunning real meaning when she signs. And the FIERCE. She didn't even do it for fame! Just quietly uploaded it last year to YouTube as a job application and a few weeks ago it found its way onto Reddit and boom. Viral.

I laugh when I hear marketing execs or agents or clients say, "Right, let's make this thing go viral!" Because the things that go viral are not because of some lame campaign. It's always, always because of a true resonance with people. Authenticity of the human Spirit can never be replicated. You can't force something to go viral. (Unless it's a virus that'll wipe out the entire human species but that's an entirely different kind of viral that reminds me I best dig that bunker soon.)

Here's Shelby Mitchusson signing Lose Yourself. I keep losing myself in it because she lost herself in it and I invite you to lose yourself in it too. Let's just all lose the hell out of ourselves for five minutes and sixteen seconds. As her neat hair bun gets messier and she CANES through the fast bit and I know the song so well but I've never known it like this.

Not like this.

(One of the things I adore the very most is her triumphant yet humble smile at the end. Because she knew she nailed the utter fuck out of it. NAILED.)

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