Monday, 11 May 2015

The Spiritual Cupcake-Eating Competition

For those of you who still believe in time ... happy Monday! For the rest of you - did you know that love is the most potent and transformative type of energy there is? No wonder I had such experiences when my sons and brother were born. If we don't love ourself we cannot love other people, it's important to keep our bodies clear because it can be difficult enough to keep renewing ourselves in such a negative world, and our souls purpose on earth is to evolve to the highest level we possibly can.

Our souls purpose is also to have as much fun as we can. Here's me and my two young lads having a cupcake-eating competition yesterday, on the beautiful banks of the river running through Dubbo.
(Little did we know the icing was *so* rock hard it would be like biting into cakies made from sharp sharp razorblades #wegottaowie)

So have a lovely day today. Live deeply. I am.

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