Thursday, 28 May 2015

Let's build a book fort with cushions and all lounge in there like the men of the Night's Watch!

Last weekend I went to the Sydney Writers Festival with Megan. I didn't really want to go - I just wanted to be with her because she lives in Brisbane and I really miss her. We were debating getting a taxi and then thought, why get a simple taxi when you can hire a WATER TAXI.

For ten bucks each, we chartered a magical water carriage to whisk us off to the land of books and authors. It actually felt magical, like a land at the top of the Faraway Tree.

She made me steal about seventeen Secret Seven badges

We were pretty much the only people there without kids ... it was awesome. So we soothed our guilt by buying our kids lots of books.

Megan just falls at the feet of children author Belinda Murrell and they chat like old friends for about ten minutes

My guys are loving the new ones from Will Kostakis

You know what's happened around our house now?

BOOKMANIA. So good. Watching Rocco dive headfirst into the Big Book of Tashi that I bought for Max years ago? Just beautiful. I read voraciously as a kid. Too much? Can you read too much? I've often felt bad because my boys don't read as much as I did when I was their age but now some kind of light has been switched on we're all reading together because Megan bought ME a book so I've joined in on the action too.

I had to text her this pic as proof I was reading last night because I haven't been able to read a book properly for years. Still cannot understand why - babies? The internet? Soul damage?

The highlight of the weekend was taking Megan and her husband Dan out for dinner ... in NEWTOWN. To Mary's - because the Daleys love their food and I had to take them for the best burgers in Sydney. It was like the time I took BabyMac and Mrs Woog to the Burger Joint in New York a few years ago ... there is NOTHING better than watching people who love good food eat good food. 

I almost had to leave before we'd even ordered due to an imminent full-body panic attack but man, I just really wanted a Mary's burger. And I wanted to watch Dan and Megan eat a Mary's burger. But the music was so heavy heavy thrashy and LOUD that we could hardly hear each other when we shouted and I felt old and as I went to the bar for cokes I tripped on the step and this cool guy laughed at me like Nelson from the Simpsons and I almost cried.

And then, when our fried chicken and burgers arrived, I almost cried again OH MY GOD.

See Megan about to lovingly cradle up her cheeseburger and take her first bite? I didn't make it obvious but I was watching her like a hawk and the look on her face when she bit into that brioche bun made everything worthwhile because sister appreciates the HELL out of a good burger.

She just squealed "Pickles!" because she loves pickles #weirdo and we thought we'd take some chicken back to the hotel for breakfast but there was none left. We ate it all :( It took three cokes each but we did it.

Thank you Megan, for bookifying up our lives. You really are the very best influenza on us. This morning Rocco was reading his beloved Tashi as I sat on the couch next to him, listening. He is the BEST reader. I stared at one of the illustrations for a while and to be honest .. I was a bit surprised. I'm no prude but this lady's boob was just POKING out, you know what I mean?

Rocco asked me what I was looking at.

"Umm ... her boob? It's like, pointing the exact same way her finger is pointing."

Rocco was confused until I pointed at the pointing boob with the erect nipple (tell me you see it too? It's enormous .. almost as long as her nose?) .. and he dropped the book and laughed so long and loud.


Wow. It's her chin! I need stronger glasses. Rocco laughed all the way to the car. He was late for school. We didn't care.

Megan is a very cool librarian with either a blue or pink streak through her blonde hair. She's heavily involved in the Children's Book Council of Australia and writes over at Children's Books Daily. Megan and I both fail miserably at apostrophes. She had six chickens all called Mavis but a fox gobbled them all up so her husband put the dead chicken bodies in their FREEZER until bin night. 

Mary's is located down a dingy hip cool alleyway in Mary Street, Newtown. There is no signage, just a red light so you feel like you're going to a brothel but you're not ... it's just way, way cool you guys. Helen from Grab Your Fork wrote a great review of Mary's HERE. Order the fried chicken as well as a burger but don't tell them Eden sent you because I tripped down the stairs, almost had a panic attack, and complained about the music. 

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL BURGER DAY EVERYONE! Where's the best burger you ever ate at? I can't answer that honestly until I try an In-N-Out burger.

(Beth you can go to Mr Crackles by yourself that's fine but *I* am taking you to Mary's. Just bring some earmuffs for Maggie. And us.)

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