Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I've Waited Long Enough.

Shun fame. Confuse people. Keep going.

Ripped off? Give more. Punched and bleeding? Give again. For it is in giving, we will lose and win. Do it. For give.

Unkill yourself. You can't call this a comeback if you've never left.

Use everything you were never given to defeat everything trying to destroy you. If you are a person of pure intent this world will want you gone. Acknowledge nothing. Play it easy. Get away with it. Get on with it. Go hard. Go home. (The only home you ever have is in your own heart. Best not get too attached to things.)

Has anybody seen my brother? I left him here by the side of the road, told him I'd be back. Came back. He's gone. Hopefully we'll see him in the nether. I always saw him. Never mind.

Sure I became a mother but that's motherfucker to you, sir. Say it again. Sing it louder. Love your children. Harder. Let the salt faded on your lips be instrumental in keeping you going. Be the instrument.

The Creator stepped back and watched as the creation created. In awe.

And it was good.

Be the leper, the Jesus, the Judas the priest.
The Roman, the Emperor ... the jailer the thief.

Don't complain. Never explain.

Be your own new song, to carrion. {watch this space}

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Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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