Thursday, 19 March 2015

Driving Down To Sydney To Go On The Morning Show Thinking "I CAN'T GO ON THE MORNING SHOW" But I Went On The Morning Show Because I Can Do Big Things. Just Like You.

I had to wear my BIG TOUGH cowboy boots for this one. In the car on the way there I played Sarah Blasko then some Lil Wayne even though he annoys me a bit but I had to toughen up. For someone so strong, I'm so very weak. Contradiction in all that I do.

If you already sponsor a child - through World Vision or anywhere else, if you walk past charity buckets in the mall and chuck coins in, if you donate online on a whim to some cause that caught your eye .... you are saving peoples lives. Fact.

Working with the people from World Vision - letting them take me across the world far away from crazy neurotic Western culture to places where people are too busy surviving to get caught up in much else - is singularly the most rewarding, incredible, soul-enriching thing I've ever done. It was worth building a blog out of embarrassing and dark stories to be able to help make a sliver of a difference. And it all came from attending a "Social Media for Social Good" Panel at the Problogger Event a few years ago where I went up after the WV presentation and said, "How can I help? A blog badge in my sidebar?" (Thanks to Mr Problogger - Darren Rowse. You beautiful soul, I owe you.)

Tickets to the next Problogger event go on sale TODAY!

I was raging with panic and anxiety in this interview but you can't tell. So many of us, walking around, hiding it, doing things that need doing. I miss my brother I miss him so bad but you gotta keep keeping on. You do. I do. Some of us don't and I'm understanding that more and more but we gotta do what we can in this life to help out our peers on the planet otherwise what's the use? Diving into our buckets of money and belongings like Scrooge McDuck in his treasure cave?

No. That's not the meaning of life. The meaning of life is to PUT some meaning in your life. It's hard and painful. The best most rewarding things always are.

On the drive on the way back I said out loud in the car to my dead brother "Well Cam, that was from the both of us. Whatever I do I do for the both of us." I hope he heard me. He went missing and took a piece of me with him. Good.

I thanked Kayla and Jon from World Vision who I met just that day and I thanked them, for working with me. Told them that World Vision save thousands (millions?) of people all over the world and I said "You guys, World Vision has played a huge role in saving mine too. Thank you  more than you'll ever know." And I cried and hugged them even though I'd only met them that day but who cares if you cry and hug. I vote for more indiscriminate crying and hugging!

World Vision Australia
World Vision Twitter
World Vision Facebook
World Vision Instagram

MY WORLD VISION PEEPS! Me, Kelly, Misho, Sam, Carly, and Joy. What happened in the dungeon stays in the dungeon you guys. 

This is a photo of me waiting at the airport to go home at the end of the trip .... split into three different incarnations of myself: Tired, Old, and Wise. 

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