Sunday, 15 February 2015

Why I Can't Award The Winner $1000 For The Lip Synch Awards - UPDATED!!

UPDATED - contact has been made! She is ok! She is still alive! I was so worried! I'm going to get her address from her mum. Oh my god I'm so relived.


Because I don't know where she is, where she lives, or even if she's ok.

It's a young, beautiful girl who sent me a lip-synch for the awards I announced back on October 15th.

Just twelve years old, she introduced herself, smiled shyly and laughed to me on a private You Tube sent through to me by her adoring mum who is doing everything she can to keep her daughter alive on a daily basis.

The pull of the dark is strong, even in the young. I understand her pain and struggle and all the things she's been "diagnosed" with. People like her were the whole reason I set up the competition in the first place ... to let yourself go, be a bit free, who cares what people thinks of you in this stupid world.

Her pain touched my heart and the fact that she still gets up every day and faces the world gives me hope. I've tried hard for months to track her and her mum down and I am a private detective. Futile. To no avail.

I'd like to thank everybody who entered these awards, every single entry meant so much. Thank you for having fun, for honouring my brother. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you gave me hope and you gave yourselves joy. I saw it in your eyes when you let go.

Just this week I learnt that the answer to almost all of our problems is just simple human connection. That's all.

So here is the original song my beautiful young winner lip-synched to - so beautifully. And so bravely.

It's a bloody awesome song.

So beautiful girl who I hope is still alive ... you won! Congratulations! And I can't find you ... so what to do?

Five minutes ago I donated your prize money of $1000 on behalf of my brother Cam to Foundation 18, an orphanage in Indonesia set up by my friend Cate Bolt to keep young girls out of prostitution and give them the childhood they deserve. So many of us were robbed of the childhood we deserved - children of all colours. Some overcome it. Some can't. Some go on to become a shining light for others, lead the way for those behind. Some become sad case stories.

Thank you for entering my competition, you precious girl. I used to lip synch to songs when I was at your age too, but only by myself, clutching my tape recorder. And I certainly never showed anybody WAY too shy. Thanks for letting me in, even though it was a brief minute.

I wish you could see yourself as the Universe sees you.


PS Cate there was nowhere to write who the donation was from. It's from Cam Dogs Estate hi my brother killed himself have some money. He was the most beautiful, caring, funny, gorgeous guy who you'll never get the privilege to meet. It makes me happy that he's helped out your girls. x

PPS You should totally donate to Foundation 18 too. In Cams name. It'd make me happy. It'd turn something awful into something beautiful.

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