Friday, 13 February 2015

Edenland Channel - The Orphaned Washing Machine.

Yeah so I had to upload this whole thing on my crappy portable wi-fi. It's taken hours, all while waiting for the Telstra guy to come and he never came. For the second appointment in a row I've been here waiting between the hours of 9-1 waiting for a fictional imaginary internet set-up person who I no longer believe in any more. I'll write "fully-fledged Telstra Atheist" on my next census form. The guy at the help desk was furious on my behalf and really embarrassed and really, who cares that poor Eden has to wait for internet such an inconvenience *violin emoticon*

It just means there's no special graphics or proper news music at the end but who cares. It's not even proper news! But it DOES involve singing. (Even though Aimee sings waaaaay better than me.)

And one last ditch attempt to try and find the winner of the Lip Synch Awards - I cannot track you down! And I'm a private detective who is now really worried because I always think the worst. So could the mother of the beautiful girl who sent me the private YouTube vid which has since been taken down please please email me - your beautiful girl won. I will not name her or publish the video I just want to know she's ok! You sent me a really long email describing her and there she was, describing herself to me. She's twelve. She's beautiful. Her name begins with G. 

Please email me on

Now try have a fairly decent weekend, ok you guys? #icing

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