Friday, 12 December 2014

What The Water Gave Me.

Check it out.

I filmed this at the most FURIOUSLY ANGRY and raging part of the Nile River last week. It felt so good to stand there and watch it, FEEL it. Just so thunderous. You could see all the water coming slowly down, no idea what's in store. Suddenly it all gets caught up in this cluster of rocks and swirl and force and my god those water particles never knew what hit them.

It was blown apart, atoms to pieces, shredded, annihilated. That water was unprepared, innocent, just cruising along without a care in the world.


It's not how many times you get hit, but how many times you get back up again. We all got stories. We've all sat slumped in the boxing ring spitting out our bloody mouthguards vowing "No more. No more."

Not all of us get back up to face another round. But a lot of us do because from the instant that sperm shot from our fathers dick towards that egg it was on a frantic mission for life and it has been your bodies job to survive for as long as it possibly can. Despite and in spite of EVERYTHING the human spirit can survive the insurmountable, the unsurvivable. It's one of the last few mysteries on earth. But it can. I have seen it, watched it, felt it.

When the water finally came through the seething rage it was clearly shaken up, smashed up, changed forever. It swept on down the river, shocked and shaken.

Better prepared for the next time. There's always a next time.

That water knew something it didn't know before.

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