Sunday, 21 December 2014

Quite Taken.

 "Are we in America yet? Wait - is this Perth? MUM WE FORGOT OUR PASSPORTS!"


Rocco: "You've already had some of that it's my turn AND you ate my sushi." Me: (Cat-strangled voice) "Do. You. Want. Gelato. Afterwards. Or. Not."

The gigantic REAL gingerbread house in the lobby. God I want to smash it with a clawhammer and call it art.

Megan did you really Instagram this at 2.05am? Shocker! Hey let's just agree to stop kissing at this point. We both clearly don't enjoy it.

MUM TAKE A PHOTO OF MY HANDSTAND! (Dude, you're gonna need to improve on your technique.)

Actually, he doesn't need to improve on a goddamn thing. When he was little he told me that when he was with me "his heart was warm." Which to this day is the best description of love I have ever heard.

Ok so notice my glasses in the above picture? THEY ARE BRAND NEW FRAMES POSTED TO ME BY A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN CALLED NICOLE WHO GOT HER HANDS ON MY EXACT DISCONTINUED MODEL. Nicole, you saved me - wait until I show you the DISGUSTING new ones I chose in a rush last week before you contacted me. So bad. I cannot thank you enough, I am so so grateful. These are my favourite, and now they're all new. Freaked out a bit because those were the last glasses Cam ever saw me in - but, they're the same lenses.

They're the same lenses. And even further than that - they're the same eyes. My actual eyes saw Cam. I don't need glasses to remind me of that. I can close my eyes and picture my brother any time I need. Nobody can take that away from me.

This is what Nicole saved me from: a lost glasses arm and lost hope.

This is how I still feel, actually. I'm pretty down. A lot of my relationships have been destroyed this year, some still in the process. Death does that. Death blows everything wide open. I guess so does life.


This is the coffee you get when you order one by the pool. Sometimes they give it to you in take-away cups but I specifically ask for the board with the ceramic cup and sugar cubes now. "They just make me feel special." The bartender nods, understands.

We are off to some themes parks in the next few days. I need to go to the chemist for some emergency Nair - waxing is the devils work by the way does anyone know of a business that employs people to take your kids to theme parks? Even though this was ALL my idea I'm like, what have you promised, Eden!!!

I'm desperately trying to get my hands on Lion King tickets - it's playing just up the road. Sometimes there's cancellations but you have to snap them up really quickly. Am using the QPAC website but have even resorted to eBay and gumtree. I'd love the boys to see. I'm determined they'll see it.

Brisbane! Max finishes high school just as Rocco starts high school so maybe I can do the move then? I'm taken by you - you have quite taken me and I have needed to be taken, desperately. Thank you.

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