Saturday, 27 December 2014

Invite Me Over For Christmas And I Will Bring You Chocolate Skulls


Max, Rocco and I spent it at Megans parents house for a beautiful brunch. I was put in charge of chocolate. They chose the right person to put in charge of chocolate OH YEAH THEY DID.

Lovingly chosen and carried on the plane all the way from Josophans Chocolates, Blue Mountains yes they ARE white skulls there thank you for noticing. There were more but I think Megan artfully displayed them them before I could take a photo of the fancy box. Megans mums christmas theme was the colour orange so I bought her an aqua bowl of oranges.

On Christmas Eve I went to mass with Megan and her family. I haven't been to a mass in a very long time - it was a Catholic service and I still know all the responses. At one point I had to excuse myself and walk right away from the lovely priests with the robes and crouch down in some bushes and keen for my brother because I don't know where he is and my faith is .... well, it's changing is all I can say. (That's a good thing.)

Five years ago at christmas I gave him my hat because he was getting burnt but then I got burnt. Didn't care. I love how our arms are so close together in this photo, all linked up and touching. Oh that face. I know it so well.

Then Megan basically made me come back to her house and made me into a slave to do the most stupid fiddly things. (Kidding - I felt pity upon her and offered.) This was after an afternoon when I opened Santas Wii game for Rocco AND THE DISC WASN'T IN THERE KATOOMBA BIG W AND YOU ALSO SOLD ME THE WRONG REMOTE. Nice one Santa. So I had to hightail it into town with two CRANKY boys, give them money to buy ME a present from them, and I ended up buying Rocco a whole new console - a Wii U or whatever. I can't keep up the 80's was so much easier with just Atari. 

$450 blown. SO ANNOYING I did NOT want to do big presents this year. But he absolutely LOVES IT.

Santa gave Max money, which he was very happy with. He's just generally happy, and chill, and gorgeous. All of Megans family told me so and I said "Honestly, it has nothing to do with me. It's just how he is."

Even ordering from the kids menu, I have officially banned room service - did a big grocery shop yesterday and oh my lord I am dreading the hotel room service bill. If we ever leave.

View from our balcony at night time. I have never been to Brisbane before I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU BRISBANE!! SO MUCH!! Fantasising that once Max finishes year 12 Rocco starts year 7 so we can move here seamlessly. It is a beautiful, colourful, vibrant, cultural friendly city. The public transport ROCKS and everybody is so nice!

My favourite so far was meeting Megans family - her parents, sister, and brother. She used to have two brothers. We are all burnt by the same fire. We compared war stories, talked of guilt and loss and pain and what-ifs and the endless, endless sea of grief. Such a privilege to meet them and I am so glad Megan emailed me, those years ago during an incredibly traumatic time for her. I wanted so badly to impress them all and I think I did.

My boys had a great christmas. Mission accomplished. (Megans really bossy and told me I HAVE to take them to the museum just up the road so I'll take them to see Night at the Museum instead and send her a photo eating popcorn.)

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