Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Two Of Us Is About To Become The One Of Us Because I'm Flying To Uganda Tonight.

I am SO GLAD you're here with me today! Thank you! This morning Dave and I woke up to this:

Yes, featured in one of Australias longest-running columns, The Sydney Morning Heralds "Two of Us." You can read it here. I kind of nervously skimmed it ... but it's ok! I was more concerned for Dave, because like a lot of people, he's quite a private person. It's taken him some time to adjust to how open I am on this website but he also has seen me grow and soar here.

Right now I'm at Sydney International Airport, waiting to catch a plane to Uganda because I am a blog ambassador for World Vision. I'm six hours early, because I'm prone to missing flights and not being very organised. But right now this second, I am very, very organised. I just ordered a burger that costs $21 and it came out in five minutes so I'm *pretty* sure it's not going to taste like a burger that costs $21.

Ah well. It was a mad scramble couple of days, packing and organising and pining for my guys before I even left them. I made ONE meal for them while I'm away - a kilo of spaghetti bolognaise so I hope you can eke it out Dave! Sorry! But I replaced the smelly things in the toilets so they don't smell like a mens urinal anymore!

I made my last vegemite sandwich yesterday and thought ..... HOW ARE THEY GOING TO SURVIVE WITHOUT ME?

But they will - of course they will. Dave will do a top job and I'll be home again soon. It's odd to leave on such a big trip, doing such a big thing ... when my "place" is at home with my young children, being all mothery. But I passionately believe in the work that World Vision does because I have already seen it with my own eyes.

And I hardly believe in much, anymore.

Except the love I have for my family. It's grown bigger, this year. Real big - for all of them, I just text my beautiful step kids Phoebe and Tim some huge goodbyes too. Tim told me not to get Ebola. Rocco told me to not get killed.

8.30am this morning

I was going to buy them both presents to unwrap every day I'm away but I thought - nup. Too much garbage they don't need. So I wrote them a letter for every day I'm away ... just a paragraph really. Of all different, random things.

As I was backing out of the driveway Rocco came running out bursting to tell me he read todays letter! I was all, dude you were supposed to wait until I was gone! He laughed, told me I was TOTALLY going to miss Christmas and ran back inside. Dave stood there and I wound down my window. "I hope I see you again hon ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN." He just threw me a peace sign. It's cool. Fourteen hours to Dubai and then another seven to Uganda. Come with us! The hashtag is #WVABloggers on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

I'm so grateful and overwhelmed and just ..... ok. I feel really ok, for the first time in a long long time. Ok is good. More than enough.


Letters to Home: Day One 
Well guys, I’m jetting out of the country today. I’m going to miss you SO MUCH - like, I’ve gone overseas for holidays and stuff and left you before but not like this. Not after having such a hard year and getting through all the hard days. I love you. With my whole, whole heart I love you guys and Tim and Phoebe so much. You are all I care about. You make me want to be a better person. You make me want to show you how to get through difficult things in life. So … I’ll see you in a few weeks. Be nice to each other! You are lucky to have a brother. Treat your brother well. Know that I’m going to think about and miss you every single day and I’ll be counting down the days until I see you again. xx


I was right - $21 burger tasted pretty bad. Now I'm off to buy a toothbrush, travel pillow, ear plugs, and writing pad. All the things that I left on my bed should only cost me two thousand dollars!

WISH ME LUCK SEE YA STRAYA MAKE GOOD CHOICES. And come with me? This won't work without you .. I'm not even a journalist or anything. I'm just a person who cares about things - just like you do.

How sponsoring a child through World Vision helps

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