Friday, 28 November 2014

Let Me Quickly Show You Some Photos While Everybody Waits For Me In The Lobby.

Ok we have an early start all I can do is some pictures today. Every day is different, we're always on the move, seeing and smelling and tasting different things. There's a lots of hardship, lots of laughter, lots of "we're all in this together."

Because we really are.

 Hey Dave it's not a Deus but it's still pretty cool!

This is Suzy, she's worked at World Vision for eight years. She's direct, no-nonsense, please move over there while I take your photo. I adore her. We both heard the term "co-wife" yesterday and I turned to her and said "Hey we'd be GREAT co-wives" and she laughed so hard.

A broom in the corner of a bathroom OR IS IT THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT IT'S THE SAME LOG

 FINE I'll try to believe in signs again but I can't promise anything.

 Oh this photo ... the look on his face as he looked up at me after I showed him a photo of himself.

 Emma went back to Australia yesterday ... we miss you Em! xx

 Just an innocent photo of some jackfruit growing from the tree.

 Hey Hair Romance the hairstyles here are AMAZING!

 Friendliest soldier in all the land.

 Hi my name is Eden. I'm not even supposed to be here

I took this for Pip from Meet Me At Mikes  fancy a cuppa Pip?


INCREDIBLE living conditions due to World Vision.


Letters to Home (written before I left)

Max, the very first time you were placed into my arms? BANG. Instant transformation. You changed my heart forever and we both spent that first night in hospital just looking at each other in wonder. You’re going to turn thirteen soon and I won’t be there. But know that I adore you, I’m proud of you, and I have no idea how you turned out so chill and calm and relaxed. From the minute I saw you on the ultrasound I fell in love. Thank you for understanding and accepting me. You’re pretty wise. I can’t WAIT to get back and catch up on Walking Dead with you. I’m in a country where there’s probably a lot of machetes, good zombie-fighting equipment. xx

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