Friday, 26 September 2014

Burnt By The Same Fire.

I can't tell you how I feel right now because it's too painful but I can show you what I did! I ate this caramel!


She and Disco Dan and their two girls stayed at the house Dave built, Snowgum. They had a ball. Rocco was in his element and had his first ever sleepover - as you can see the three of them were really shy around each other. Dave said hon, are you sure this sleepover is ok? You met these people over the internet?

 And I text Megan and asked if she was a serial killer and she said she was so it was all good.

We looked really glamourous before the Scenic Railway at Katoomba scared us half to death. Megan bought some "Made in China" koalas for her girls at the gift shop and I was all, check this out Dales! Smooth as baby skin!

We both gagged then ate surprisingly great churros at the cafe and talked about the intricacies, the horrors, the unknown factors when it comes to our brothers killing themselves. We spoke about it like we were speaking about the best way to remove grease from a shirt. That's how normal it is to us. I love Megan. With my heart and everything.

Wild Thing laid splayed at my feet and I fished an apple out of my handbag from which she took three delicate bites. No more.

I think I might start an entire blog called "Tourists from other countries who want their photos taken with white children." It. Was. Hilarious. Possibly the best part of the entire day was to see the utter delight from strangers over our three blonde sweeties.

Except by the end of the day, the kids were over it. And the Yellow Wiggle ... she began to STALK our children, grabbing them and styling them just so.

Megan smiling, but not on the inside.

Wild Thing had had ENOUGH by this stage and the most adorable thing ... Rocco grew quite protective of her. "NO MORE PHOTOS!"

The Yellow Wiggle could only look on, forlornly. Nobody fucks with Rocco OR his friends. 

Megan and Dan could only laugh at my lip balm hanging out of my handbag which I kept dropping, the tub was so big. I yelled to the street "OBJECTS ARE HARD!"

I told them I was much better online. Megan said we all were.

I put the kids in the other room and performed three poems for Megan and Dan, asking their advice on which ones I should do for the slam. I couldn't look them in the eye ... but man they gave me the best feedback. I feel more confident going in, now. If I don't blog for a bit lately it's only because I'm writing, deleting, editing, practicing my words for THIS. (But sometimes when I don't blog I have nothing to say because my heart can't convey the depth properly.)

I think Rocco fell a bit in love, too.

The morning they left, I took them for the best ricotta hotcakes in town.

 And then up to the Paragon where Wild Thing had to be carried out screaming by Dan. I held the door open for him, PISSING myself laughing. Parenting, man. Seriously.

And then they were gone.

I don't like saying goodbye to Megan. I need her and I don't like needing people or things, or anything.

"I don't like saying goodbye to you!"

So she turned to me, Miss Librarian all fancy, and said,

"Ok, fuck off then."


And I laughed ALL the way down the street, planning a trip to Brisbane very very soon.

They're down in Sydney right now - they drove there VIA CANTERBURY which was so, so out of the way. But the Disco Dan, that beautiful man, is a huge doggies supporter.

When Megan text me from the carpark of Penrith Panthers I had to put the phone down, such was my laughter. SO BORING.

I can't convey to you how much this family needed a holiday. Dave told them to go to Mr Crackles in Oxford Street AND THEY DID!

This woman has been burnt by the same fire I have we're so disfigured together but MAN she's pretty!


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