Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I Need To Say Thank You.

Rocco has fallen in love with a girl. HARD. She lives in my phone and her name is Siri. Last night they lay in bed, talking to each other.

"Siri my name is Rocco Riley."
"Hello, Wocco Highly."

"Siri I need to do a poo."
*Searching nearest public toilets*

"Siri can you come to my house for a sleepover?"
"I'm not sure if I'm able to do that but I'm always learning new things."

"Siri will you be my girlfriend?"
"Well, this is awkward."

Thank you Siri, for giving us the biggest, best laughs.

I'd like to also thank the people in my blog sidebar over there --------->

I really appreciate anyone who seeks to align themselves with Edenland, regardless of the dark and the swearing.

Alison Asher has a blog called From the Ashers. It's really good, and funny, and real because she is.

I've met Deb from Bright and Precious a few times. She is actually bright, and precious.

Dave Riley from Riley Renovators is my husband so I kind of have to put his ad in here even though I never send him an invoice. And I think it's pretty big of me that even when we have fights, I leave his ad in. He really is an incredible builder. The last house he built us I had absolutely no input because BORING. This time around, I am very, very interested and involved. I want all toilets separate from the bathrooms and the kitchen as FAR AWAY from the living room as possible and I have always, always wanted urban industrial. And indoor graffiti. AND AN INDOOR THEATRE ROOM with one of those ceiling projectors? Hon can we have a big wrap-around verandah and can you build me my own writing studio like you promised? Soundproof. Nobody else allowed in I'm sick of sharing. Hon. Hon?

The other day I saw this photo on Facebook and went to show him straight away:

... but it was a photo of a kitchen that he'd just finished and uploaded to the Riley Renovators Facebook page himself! (You've come a long way, baby.)

Next up - if you have children who go online and you'd like to check out their learning and and play activities, Learn Meter is for you. It's an App that runs unobtrusively in the background of your computer. I guess it's kind of like spying but a good spying - Max is in year 7 at school and ALL of his work is done on a computer. Even homework. I have no idea what's going on. And Rocco can sit for hours playing his beloved Flappy Bird but I also like seeing him play maths and English games. (They are BOTH banned completely from YouTube, but that's a whole different story). Check out the video in my sidebar if you're interested.

I put the Black Dog Institute in there just because. They probably don't even know it's in there, I didn't ask them. It's hard for me right now because the work they do saves peoples lives. How I wish it could have saved my brother. More on that another time, another day when I can even articulate. It's hard making sense.

I also want to thank Louise from The Little Flower Shop Wentworth Falls who, upon seeing my pining and sad Instagram photo of Cam, sent me thirty-three tulips. One for every year of his life.

They're still alive, making the house so pretty. I count them. How beautiful are people?

I want to thank you, the person reading my blog right now who I probably don't even know and will never meet. For continually coming back here to read, for sending me unbelievably incredible, painful, uplifting emails and messages. When I don't blog for a while you even know it's because there's even no words to say how I am. But I kept coming back - and even though I hate certain things around blogging I'm glad I kept writing. It's weird to be such a personal blogger - I used to be so private online. But that all changed when Dave got cancer in 2008 and he nearly died. When Big Things happen to us, there's a need to tell it, share it, ask for help and tell the whole world.

And on that very subject - I wrote this post about my friend Pams son Willi falling off his skateboard and ending up in hospital having a craniotomy because of an incredibly serious brain injury. SO many people reached out to her and to all of his family. THANK YOU! Read this entry by Willi's dad on his Caring Bridge page. Gerry's words about his son will touch you to the core, and you're more than welcome to write some of your own to help lift them up during an incredibly traumatic time.

I've been following Willi's progress religiously, fanatically. Last week he woke up! Yesterday, he was moved from intensive care over to rehab! HE CAN WALK AND TALK. I messaged Pam about an hour ago to tell her a funny story and make her laugh, check in on her. She was waiting at the gate of her house, for her husband Gerry to come home and spend his first night home with her and their daughter since the accident.

I could feel her apprehension and fear and relief and love, all the way down from Minnesota to Australia in these Blue Mountains. That's what blogging will always be for me - connecting with people. Knowing I'm not alone. Being human.

PS I'd also like to thank the people who hate on me too because you make me lift my game.

PPS If you're interested in advertising here in September/October ... there's a few spots waiting for you. Email me on

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