Thursday, 12 June 2014

In Praise Of JOMO.

It's a strange world we live in when everybody has the means to broadcast every detail of their lives. We can feel like we're missing out when we see photos and status updates from other people. Look at where I am! Look at who I'm with! Look at all the fun you are not having! Parties, launches, shops, holidays, beaches, artfully arranged selfies, everybody smiling having so much gosh darn FUN. (Obviously, everybody is having a better time than you.)

FOMO means the Fear Of Missing Out. It induces panic, worry, envy, and feelings of not being good enough. It's never-ending and exhausting, because people are always going to be doing shit that you are not doing. This has been happening since forever, we just never had the means to document it before. Try not to stress. What do YOU want to do? Turn it around into an act of mindfulness. Go to bed at 7pm on a Saturday night and just enjoy the HELL out of those Sex and the City re-runs and boxes of Cheezels. Meander, amble, potter about. Read some good shit. Go have some orgasms. Throw a fancy dinner party. Spend an entire weekend on your front verandah. Imagine if what you are doing right in the moment is all you want to do? Don't worry about what anybody else is doing. Embrace the Joy Of Missing Out - the JOMO.

People are going to share amazing and cool and extraordinary things. And sometimes, YOU are the one sharing the fun things. That's great! Enjoying life is good! But sometimes I wonder about the motivation behind sharing things online. And while us adults are still working our way around this territory, our children are quietly growing up in it.

It's a bit dangerous to compare ourselves to other people. One of my favourite quotes in recovery is to not judge our insides by other people outsides. Others may not be as transparent as you are, and you never know what's going on behind the scenes, away from their amazing showreel.

In conclusion, people are not better than you just because of the shit they put on facebook. And if you're not enjoying the things you are doing, then do different things. Enjoy those.

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