Monday, 19 May 2014

Lay Down Five, Wake Up Six.

Huge news - Rocco woke up SIX this morning. He counts down to his birthday all year long, so I felt under some pressure. Even though he begged I said no to a birthday party as he had a huge one last year complete with jumping castle. The rules are you get a party every second year.

The first business of this morning was to come in to mum and dads bed at 2am, fall asleep, kick everybody stupid and then surprise! Birthday pool of urine.

But who can be cranky at this blondie who refuses a haircut?

Spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday assembling Incredible Hulk cupcakes for school.

                                   Push Hulkie PUSH

I bought a 24-mini muffin tin, baked chocolate cupcakies, turned some vanilla icing green, printed out some free cake toppers from the internet, and got the sprinkles ready. It's been exactly six years since Dave got cancer and was a dead man walking during the birth of Rocco. I iced all twenty four cupcakes slowly, enjoying watching them both defy the odds and wrestle like crocodiles.

"A family party" has been requested for this afternoon. All he wants to do is hit the piñata. I accidentally bought one of those safe alternative piñatas where you pull the string instead of hitting it ... hopefully it works the violent way too because god knows this guy loves hitting the crap out of things.

Happy sixth birthday, Rocco. Yes you're allowed to bash the piñata all by yourself until the lollies fall out. I like how you already know the importance of grabbing the happy moments from life when you can.

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