Friday, 25 April 2014

"Mum will you PLEASE sing Spoonful of Sugar With Me?"

Dave and I always accuse each other of hiring out dud movies from the video shop. (Yes, people still drive in their cars to physically hire out movies.)

Sometimes I just pick exactly what I want because at least one of us can be happy. The other day I was raising a sweat trying to choose one that we both would like and I get a text from Max.

I really did hire out Mary Poppins. Which Rocco had never seen! I told the boys I used to play Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on the organ when I was a kid. They fell about laughing.

"I'm serious guys ... I took organ lessons for years."

Deep, deep laughter. Reminds me of when I tell people I like cooking, or art. They get so surprised, like I should be too busy being screwed up to enjoy things in life?

Anyway so Rocco walks into my room early last week at the beach house and asks if I could please sing Spoonful of Sugar with him. Even though we were both still sick, I told him yes. But only if I could film it. (Greasy hair and all.)

It's the missing front four teeth that slay me the most. 

(I actually hired out the Hunger Games as well .... Dave and I BOTH liked it! Together at the same time!)

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