Thursday, 20 March 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Day I Married Jesus.

Doing your first Holy Communion is so exciting. And a BIG deal. I remember trying my dress and veil on so many times beforehand. That veil.

In my family, when one of us had a first Holy Communion there'd be a big celebration afterwards. You were like, the holiest person there.

I'm pretty sure the Virgin Mary behind me knew EXACTLY that I was going to grow into a raucous, wild, out-of-control angry young woman who always ended up at 10am in Oxford Street after getting kicked out of nightclubs for vomiting on people. Or shitting my pants. Or threatening to glass someone. Mary is either ushering me off with her hands, or she's about to shrug.

"Not much we can do about this one, Heavenly Father."

Did you make your first Holy Communion? Did you know you can excommunicate yourself from the Catholic Church?

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