Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Greetings Dear Mother!

Thank you for all of the beautiful birthday messages! It was a good day. The chilli con carne is a family favourite .... and Dave came home with a very luscious, very glutony, baked cheesecake. Everybody thought it was too rich except me.

So I was looking through the photos and came to this one:

Let's just zoom in on a certain 12-year old, shall we?

It cracks me up SO bad. He gets it from Tim. I kept ribbing Max about how sad I was that he didn't make me a birthday card, so in about five minutes before his shower he came out with a hastily scrawled one. I love homemade cards the best. On the outside of this one was written: "To Dear MothTurd!"

"Having a me and you day." MELT.

In therapy I talk a lot about the transformative, powerful love Max brought to me the moment he was born. Changed my life. He and I are the most alike, the other boys are mini-Daves. My love for my boys - all of them - is shepherding me through life lately. I'm sure that's ok.

When Rocco woke up this morning he came to me. "Mum, are you just so sad it's not your birthday anymore?" I laughed and said no. But maybe I am, just a tiny bit. Just for that sliver of magic.


This is so incredibly gorgeous and awkward and human-y. Twenty strangers kiss each other for the first time. It's surprisingly touching.


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