Thursday, 20 February 2014


My baby has started high school. He used to fit in romper suits and play with saucepans and suck on a dummy and now he sets his alarm for 6.30am every morning and gets up - unprompted - to start his busy day.

The lunches are already made, he doesn't eat much brekkie because he's not that hungry in the morning so he takes a few extra things for the bus. I had to teach him how to tie a tie. We're not there yet, but we're close. Often I look at Max and cry from love, especially when he was a baby but also especially lately when suddenly all of us in life seem so fragile.

He plays handball with his mates at lunch, they sell coke at the canteen, and his favourite subject is of course science. He's naturally inquisitive.

I ask him what the current crop of girls are like.

"Ahhh, dunno mum I'm not interested in girls at the moment."

I told him I *bet* they're interested in him and we both laughed.

And I remembered how tiny he was as a baby, how I'd stand at his door during daytime naps waiting for him to wake up because I missed him.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Oh What A Beautiful Mourning

My weekend started very slow. Louise from The Little Flower Shop in Wentworth Falls knocked at my door to deliver some beautiful flowers from Dave.

Louise and I exchanged pleasantries. We both knew I was still in my pyjamas but she gracefully didn't mention it.

I finally got to cuddle my friends newborn baby. Casper is 12 days old and *already* been to the hairdressers for a blow-dry.

Naomi and Gav, you make BEAUTIFUL babies together.

Rocco and I found ourselves together for the whole weekend. Dave's down seeing Tim and Max had a sleepover.

Fizzy apple drinks for us!

As we waited for his hot chips, I thought about how much I love how he carries around his favourite puppy dog toy in public. Not a self-conscious care in the world.

I bought a red thing.

A red lantern, for Chinese new year. I like how it sits adjacent to Daves Atomic ... and the redness of the red brings this wonderful new energy.

It was a good weekend. I only cried a few times. This morning as I walked Rocco from school assembly into his class he clutched my hand tightly. Then went straight into the room and sat down next to his mates. He turned to look at me and smiled.

I stood at the door until he'd forgotten I was there.

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