Monday, 13 January 2014

Back Home With A Sigh.

Rocco and I walked into the house after weeks away to come face to face with a few huntsmen spiders who'd decided to take ownership of the place. Dave wasn't there to kill them for me so Rocco took GREAT glee in telling me all the spiders movements.

"Ok so mum the one in the kitchen doesn't move. The big one on the side of the house is going CRAZY! LOOK! MUM! LOOK!"

There was no way I was going to look. Rocco loved it way, way too much. Solemnly he walked up to me.

"Mum. The one near that painting? He's just gone."

Yeah that struck a terror so deep inside. We went out to the veggie garden for hopefully better news, we made sure it was watered every day we were away.


                                Beyond excited that his cherry tomatoes are ripening.

My Camellia died. Of course it did. Came home and it's brown and shrivelled, dead dead dead.

When I was away at the beach it was easy to masquerade my grief - long sleeps in the middle of the day, lounging on the hammock. Now I'm back I feel like I have to pull my socks up. (Problem is, I don't wear socks.)

Aunty Linda gave Rocco a Bingo set for Christmas. He and I had a few games then I upped the stakes by buying a few prizes and wrapping them up for the winner to choose from. I've basically taught my five-year old gambling is what I'm saying. He's completely obsessed.

Rocco and Max had a great Christmas, so that's all I care about. Packed away the tree and will donate it to Vinnies, won't use that one again. There's stuff to be done and little people to take care of. And huntsmen spiders to be found. Cherry tomatoes to be eaten.

Rocco calls them "cheery" tomatoes so I might eat a few myself.

Hope you guys got through your festive situations ok.

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