Monday, 25 November 2013

Things I Stole.

Hey. I was at home with the two boys on the weekend.

Max went to a sleepover on Saturday which left just me and Rocco.

"Whose wallet is that?"

"It's Uncle Cams sweetheart."

"Oh, does he still need it?"

"No mate, he doesn't need it anymore."

While Rocco played Lego Batman I went through my brothers wallet. It felt really intrusive, but quickly I realised he'd cleaned it out before he died. All that was left was his drivers licence, and some cards for work. I scoured through it - and you know what I found? Right up in the top right hand corner, pressed all the way in .... A SIM CARD.

Held it out triumphantly, like a really fucked up game of Blues Clues. Alas, there would be no "clues" in his SIM card. This was not a treasure hunt.

There was also $200 in the wallet.

"Rocco, we're going out."

I took Rocco to Leura Lollie Shop where the lollies are yum and the prices aren't cheap. Then we went across the road for lunch at Zest, a friends cafe. Next door was Megalong Books, the BEST bookshop. I didn't get anything but Rocco is a reading machine at the moment and has been asking me for some chapter books. I bought him five, also that Dr Suess book about the boy who feeds his fish too much because I had it when I was a kid.

Then I bought some candles. And steak for dinner. I liked holding Cams wallet, using his money. Kind of felt like he was still in action.

We got home and I really studied this sideburn because this sideburn? Has powers that I steal from.

This sideburn has the power to make me get up, do things, arrange things, cook meals, water the garden, tell myself it's going to be ok even if I don't believe it, not for a second. Listen to reading that takes forty minutes, talk on the phone, clean the bathroom.

It's pretty powerful.

(I left about $55 in Cams wallet. For later.)

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