Friday, 1 November 2013

Street Talk: Jeremy The Costumeless

It was Halloweeen yesterday. I used to be *so* bah humbug about it but a certain Rocco fell absolutely in love with it. What my kids love, I'll do. He wore a simple Spiderman suit. I asked him if he wants to go as Dracula?


What about a ghost?


Ok how about a SCARY Spiderman, with blood and fangs?


Spiderman it was. Now all we had to do was knock on strangers doors and wait for them to give us food. Because that's normal!

                               This is basically how he walked the whole way. 


At 6pm we bid goodbye to Roccos gorgeous friend who went as the Gruffalo and his mum. Driving home, we saw a pack of boys sitting down eating their treats, realised it was Max and all of his mates. Year six-ers, such big guys now. I told Max to come home soon, and when he did he told me this.

"Mum, there was like, seven of us trick or treating and getting so many lollies. When we sat down on the grass to eat some, we saw Jeremy from our school. He's fourteen ... he's a bit, like, slow or something. Anyway he hardly had ANY lollies and said to us how hard it was. When he walked off I jumped up and told the guys to give him some lollies. I called him back and we all TOTALLY filled his bag. He didn't even have a costume. He said thank you so much, and walked off. We all said how good it felt, to do that."

One of the biggest things I love seeing in children is empathy. I gave Max a hug and he was all, oh don't cry again mum! But I told him don't worry, it was happy tears because I was so proud of him and his friends.


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