Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rocco Gets New Wheels.

I posted last week asking for advice on what I can do with Rocco. I'm not sure if he's being especially demanding or I just can't handle being a mum properly at the moment. Probably a little of both. I can't WAIT to see my boys after school because my whole world lights up again, but soon I'm feeling overwhelmed and counting down until bedtime. There were some great suggestions, thank you. Cooking with him, sitting down with a cuppa while just watching him do something, the park, reading. Vicki from Flying Penguin Toys emailed me and said she'd send me something for Rocco to do.

Yesterday a big package arrived from Flying Penguin. We were all home and I said Rocco mate, this is for you!

He opens it up, SO excited. Takes one look and says:

 "That's not a toy."

                                           RoloBox ... just add a box and some imagination.

Dave said mate, it is a toy. Wait til you see what a cardboard box can turn into. Rocco walked off.

"Next time can I get a real toy please?"

Um, how about a big fat jar of NOTHING, son?

This morning at 7am there was big commotion. I came out to find these two hard at work.

"Mum look how cool it is!"

And off he went. Dave used a really thick and sturdy cardboard box. Rocco LOVES it.

He's zooming around all of his superheroes, also the 1970s Fisher Price Campervan I had when I was his age. Rocco said he can't wait to play with it after school (Hallelujah!). He told me he wants to take some cicadas for a ride. I'll be staying inside.

This isn't a sponsored post. Vicki from Flying Penguin took out an ad in my sidebar and posted me the wheels of her own accord. At this point, I'm just so grateful that anybody wants to advertise with me at all, considering what's going on. I don't want to write heavy blog posts every day, even though that's how I feel. I hate days and just want to be in bed all the time. But I think I should at least try to balance things out, write a bit of light. We probably could all use a little more light.

Flying Penguin Toys are AMAZING. You can buy online or at their shop in Newtown. Definitely something fun and engaging for any children in your life, leading up towards Christmas.

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