Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Night Sky Wants To Tell You Something.

Tell you a secret?

Sometimes when you've had a full-on day and now it's night-time and you're stressed, tired, overwhelmed and just want to go lie down ... go outside instead.

Just you, by yourself.

Go outside and look up at that enormous stunning sky that binds us all. Just look at it. I promise you'll hear your soul exhale. And whatever it is that you need reminding of, will come. Even better if you can still hear the contrasting sounds and noisy people inside. It's an awesome way to just really enrich the hell out of yourself. When you walk back inside you'll feel different I swear.

(I always forget to do this myself, almost always happens by chance when I'm taking the garbage out. Guess that's called ... accidental mindfulness?)

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