Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Amazing Max ... And Rocco Balboa.

These two guys .... have just had the BEST school holidays. They actually played with each other, learnt how to smoke with each other, went on adventures and even read the same book at night, with a torch.

There's a six-year age difference, so I've never really expected that kind of playing until they'd both grown a bit older. Max had friends over but still involved Rocco. I let everybody stay in pjs til noon. I monitored the few fights they had, which weren't about very much at all.

This guy would sometimes seek me out to do a "learning book." Watching him master how to read and write is such a thrill. He was BORN wanting to do what everybody around him could do.

Took them to one of those wall-to-wall trampoline places which they LOVED and begged to stay longer. I had to keep walking from the big section to the small, to watch both of them jump and try new flips.

They went to the beach with Dave - early. Played, went to the movies, bought new toys. Had a ball.

Back to school today. Usually I'm fist-pumping and hi-fiving, but as soon as they walked in I checked the clock to see how long until they'd be home again. I miss them! It's Maxs' last term at primary school, which means their very last term together at the same school.

Their relationship is blossoming to new levels - best mates even. It's beautiful. Every now and then I get a snippet of what it's going to feel like when they've grown up and flown the coop and I think NO!

They must stay with me forever.

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