Friday, 4 October 2013

Street Talk: Nancy The Badass.

This is Nancy. She's American, from Colorado. I met her in 2007 when we were both hanging around the same infertility forums. Quickly exchanging emails because we were both so alike, Nancy once sent me some fridge magnets in the shape of a block of chocolate. I still have them.

When Nancy blogged, she'd swear and rant and have a big old bitch about people who pissed her off. Hilarious and awesome. She got inked regularly, even when she was pregnant with her third baby, Karl. Her first two are girls .... she loved them so fiercely.

Her derby name was MurdeRita. She travelled a lot for her IT job. She'd email me with the subject line simply: "Hey Motherfucker."

She was one of the very first people I met through the internet. She was tough, funny, and sexy.

Nancy died suddenly last year. (I think from a blood clot.) I miss her so, so much. So do a lot of other people who were around at that time. I remember the exact moment I found out she'd died. Having a break from visiting Jim in hospital, I drove to this huge headland overlooking the ocean crashing onto the rocks below. Rocco was asleep in the back of the car so I pulled my phone out to check my messages and there it was, an email to say she was dead. I felt sick. Too much death around me, what the hell?

She loved her kids SO much, like most of us do. Her blog is still up: The New Life Of Nancy. She lost her blogging mojo for awhile there. I love how her last post is asking people what their favourite curse word is.

Some of us never see the end coming. I think if Nancy was asked if she'd change anything she'd done before she died, her answer would be a big fat NO.

Miss you like hell, Nancy. 


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