Monday, 14 October 2013

His First Tooth.

Rocco triumphantly lost his first tooth. Wiggling it for months, it finally came out after a few days of tears and pain. Life is a bloody business! He ran into the kitchen with his hands behind his back shouting MUM GUESS WHAT?

Even though I could plainly see the most darling little gap in his mouth I said, what is it sweetheart?

He'd never been so proud. All that wiggling paid off. He slept in my bed with me that night, and after making a huge fuss over the exact placement under the pillow, he went to sleep. (While I continued my mammoth Walking Dead marathon next to him.)

He woke up every twenty minutes, checking under his pillow.

"Nope, not yet. Mum what does the tooth fairy look like?"

"She wears bright pink and purple sparkly things."

"Where does she even live?"

"In a big house made out of teeth. Go to sleep."

He did. And just as I was stealing his tooth and leaving some money, he woke up again. Quickly snatching my arms away and pretending to be asleep, I heard him lift the pillow and gasp.


He turned and put them on the bedside table and went back to sleep. I held that tiny tooth in my hands and thought about creation. Rocco is my IVF baby, the very first time I saw him he was on a petri dish under a microscope. He was four cells old ... tinier than his tooth.

We all start off as a bunch of cells, then we divide and multiply and grow up to worry about dinner and picking up the dry-cleaning during a traffic jam. Life is a trip.

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