Monday, 9 September 2013

We Moved House And I Will Never Finish Unpacking.

"We" moved house. When I say "we" I mean "Dave." He's still pretty exhausted. Tim came up and helped. I was still in hospital and would get day leave to come and pack and move and you know what? I really don't recommend that. Dave packed, moved, minded the boys, tried to run a business. UGH. There was guilt, overwhelm, screaming matches, naughty children, and just so much STUFF.

Oh lord, the stuff we had accumulated. The CRAP that we didn't need. I cull with an iron fist .... Dave is a bit of a "collector" of items. I think I may even be a minimalist, but we'll never know.

We had to fit the belongings of a two-storey, five bedroom house into a smallish, tight, three bedroom cottage. NO PROBLEMS RIGHT?? I've learnt that I will never, ever move again without a professional removalist. And I've learnt how attached I become to stuff when I don't really need to.

                                             Didn't take us long to clutter it up

Technically, we're still unpacking. It got to a point where there were still piles and piles of boxes to move so Dave just left them all out the front, declared himself exhausted, and took Rocco down the beach for a week. By that stage I'd torn my calf muscle (so fit!) I decided to just read, go to various appointments for my dodgy mental health, and sleep-in. And try not to feel bad about it. (Why are we so mean to ourselves??)

I got a lot of it done over the weekend. Max and Rocco have to share a room. Rocco is STOKED, Max is all, really, mum? 

Yes, really. The places I have been to for World Vision ensures a pretty casual approach to my boys - you have to share a room? Well, some kids don't HAVE a room. Or clothes. Or food. (Max has actually been really good about it.)

The most exciting thing for me has been GRASS!!!! I've wanted grass for nine years!

                             Sad and weird clothesline

Dave renovated this house a few years ago, so it shows his usual trademark colour bond and open planning.

We've rented out our house, also the studio next door. Downsizing has been really challenging but worth it - I much prefer living in a smaller house. Ours always overwhelmed me with its space and constant need for attention. We were on 4 acres. It's going to take some time to get used to having neighbours. SO ODD. Like, I need to apologise if I catch their eye. (Mental note: tone down yelling.)

                                       From the back

                                 Dave and I have our own ensuite. SCORE.

                                    Too many paintings, not enough walls

I never expected it to be hard to say goodbye to our other house and it wasn't. Except the very last time I was there and I was incredibly emotional as I walked out to the back deck and threw my arms around Buddha and literally sobbed. When I walked back inside I had one last walkabout and found this on the kitchen floor:

It was just A Place. And the house we moved into is just A Place too. Made out of wood, colourbond, metal, gyprock. It's the people inside who are the most important part.

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