Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Art In Her.

My sister Leighs' daughter Billie is an artist. She was born one ... I don't know how that happens with certain people but it just does. Everybody around her knows it. She lives with her head in the clouds, almost in an alternate world.

                             Painted this blossom tree when she was SIX years old

                               Trees and Shrubs, aged nine

                                      Frida Kahlo by Billie at six years old

I don't know much about visual art and how it all gets categorised and learnt. I hope Billies raw talent doesn't get drowned out by teachers talking of structure and meaning. I hope Billie just draws what's in her heart for her whole life, because she is completely mind-blowing. SO talented. I would totally buy some of her work now.

I think that's what happens with too many of us, in life. We get sidetracked or derailed by what's expected of us, what we think we should do. Instead of listening to out hearts.

Leigh actually snapped a shot of Billie the very first time she ever held a paintbrush.

I asked Leigh to tell me about it. She wrote:

"It was the first time she ever held a paintbrush, the awe and wonderment in her little face, the hand on her heart. I knew it was a significant moment .... she wasn't even 2!"

Billie can even do ceramics - in the class, most girls did horses or something pink. Billie made a ZOMBIE.

Billie and her mum:

Now I know you shouldn't compare kids but I'm about to compare kids. See my boys do NOT do craft or colour-in very much at all. Max does when it's something to do with Minecraft, but that's it. I've tried, but I'm not very crafty myself so I've let it be. Recently Leigh mailed me some Day of the Dead cookie cutters, and the only bit of paper she had in her handbag to write on was this:

                                            You. Are. Awesome. At. Cooking.

She finds things like this hanging round the house all the time, little notes and pictures and carefully made dolls.

You know what I get? I get given things like this.

Rocco handed it to me and I know the rules. I know you're supposed to say, oh mate that's amazing! Which I did, then followed it up with, "What is it, sweetheart?"

"Oh, well that's just your black black black teeth."

And sauntered off. Apparently I have five black black black teeth? Ah well. I'm pretty sure he's a natural at footie so that cancels that out.

In the meantime Leigh literally trips over things like this.

And in the other meantime, Aunty Eden remains Billies most loyal and fierce cheerleader.

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