Friday, 13 September 2013

Street Talk: The Woman In Line At The Bakery A Few Weekends Ago.

Ok so one Sunday when I took day leave from hospital I went home to help pack and sort through ... everything. I could tell Dave was stressed and overwhelmed, so I asked him what I could do. He asked if I could go up the shop and pick up the burgers and chips he ordered from the takeaway.

Sure! I can do useful things!

I took Rocco with me, drove my car (driving felt quite weird) ... and had some time to kill so thought I'd go into the bakery and buy some pretzels. Or as Rocco calls them, printzels. Got in line, waiting, waiting ... it's always busy there on the weekends. Just as I was at the head of the queue you know what happened?


And she knew it ... she and her friend turned to me and said,

"Oh, you were first?" ....and then proceeded to put their orders into the cashier. BIG orders. They were ordering pies and coffees and cakes, and I stood there trying hard not to lose my shit. One minute I was in the nuthouse and the next minute I was standing hemmed in with all these PEOPLE and I need to get out of there and she pushed in!

I abhor people pushing in. Here's the scene of the crime:

Schwarzes is a great German Bakery. Their white chocolate mud cake log is to die for, as is their pretzels. Rocco and I had waited such a long time, all we wanted was one of these:

                                      Re-enactment: just a simple stick printzel

We'd waited over ten minutes behind these two queuejumpers ordering every dessert in town. Rocco was fidgety. I was frustrated, and I'm a person who can't hide my emotions very well. You could clearly see I was pissed off. FINALLY, they moved aside and finished their transaction. I moved to the front of the queue, started to order .... and one of the women came barging back because she'd forgotten something. She tried to stand where I was standing but I held my place. The more she tried to stand where I stood, the more I had wings of steel. She was so completely rude. I didn't move .... so she started purposely elbowing and digging into my side. Unbelievable.

I was a statue. She got the cashier to serve her the thing she had forgotten and as she walked off, she gave me the BIGGEST SHOVE. I hit the roof. The place was packed with people - did not care.

"How dare you push me like that! You KNEW you pushed in front of me! YOU ARE A RUDE, RUDE WOMAN."

Every word she tried to say I spoke over her. She flustered her way out of the shop .... then I had to sheepishly order. I apologised, but the cashier said don't worry, she could see what was happening.

Rocco looked up at me in awe, but I felt awful - you know when you have a big ole' fight with, say, your husband and you hurl abuse and it feels good in the moment but afterwards you feel dreadful and now YOU'RE the arsehole because of your childish behaviour? Yeah.

That lady might be really nice. She might work as a nurse, or childcare teacher. One moment does not define someone. (But man she shit me on that day.)

I finally got back with all the burgers for the boys.

"Well, I had a massive fight with someone in Schwarzes."

Dave just opened his chips. "Of course you did."

And we all ate our lunch.

Anybody have any public fights? I had a public fight with Dave after we'd been seeing each other a few months and he nearly broke up with me.

(Please excuse me from not responding to comments properly lately, we still have no internet. I'm relying on this tiny portable wi-fi, takes about an hour and a half to upload a post.)


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