Friday, 20 September 2013

Street Talk: Dog The Dog.

There she was, so well-mannered, just patiently waiting on the seat. I sat next to her and she looked over at me, a small nod. I asked if I could please ask her some questions, she looked startled.

"How did you know dogs could talk?"

I told her I found out dogs could talk many years ago, when I was a child. Maybe I've just kind of always known.

"Ok. You can ask me a few questions, my owner won't be back for a little while."

I asked her who she lived with, who her owners were. A beautiful, big grin.

"A mother and her three children. I get walked regularly, de-fleaed, cuddled, patted constantly. I'm SO lucky. And loved."

I told her I agreed, that she was very lucky, because a lot of pets out there don't get looked after properly at all.

"So, why do you guys all sniff each others bums?"


"We are not sniffing each others BUMS at all ..... we're sniffing each others TAILS. To see which tribe the other comes from."

She told me that every dog, large or small, rich or poor, is a member of a tribe. With their own belief systems and deities.

What's your name, I asked.


But .....

"All dogs names are just "dog". It's the humans who feel the need to personalise each one."

She leant in to smell me, gently.

"Oh. Oh ..... I am sorry for the death of your dog Mischka last year. Truly sorry."

I thanked her. Told her we're looking at getting a new dog soon, when we build a fence.

She smiled, again the most gorgeous smile.

"The dog you get will be lucky. I can tell ... you have fun loving people in your family who are full of boundless love for an animal."

We both said goodbye. I told her she was beautiful, and I left just as her owner came with some shopping bags. She lifted Dogs pink leash off the bench and they walked off, slowly.


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