Monday, 30 September 2013

Seasons. (Nothing More Than)

I snapped this shot of Leuras bare cherry blossoms a few weeks ago.


But they refused. I hate winter, and count down every day of it. Mother Nature takes her own sweet time with things. Isn't it funny how the older we get, the more Nature tells us? And the more in tune we are? Every winter I look up at those branches and imagine the soft nestlings of the blooms to come. They *have* to be in there. Just get through winter and you'll see.

I went to the exact same spot the other day and BANG.

The pink popcorn has popped! Photos don't do them justice. Takes ages to find a carpark up here at this time of year. Leura even has its own garden festival. When I lived in Sydney I was hardly reminded of each passing season. Up here they are so distinct, some of them so beautiful.

I wonder how all the magic happens. Everything's a dream within a dream, and if we live long enough there's four distinct seasons in our lives. All ending in winter.

But right now it's spring again. I got to see another one, and so did you. And it's pretty bloody beautiful.

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