Monday, 16 September 2013

Just A Sunday

HUGE day yesterday. We all got up at 5.30am to leave at 6, drive down to Sydney so Dave could spark up the spit for his mothers birthday celebrations. A whole leg of pork, and huge double legs of de-boned lamb. I was going to drive down afterwards, but my driving mojo is still lost so we all went in the ute. (Daves favourite radio station is Smooth FM .... haven't heard Total Eclipse of the Heart in YEARS!)

He'd hired a generator, the spit, bought the meat, and we got there early enough to get the BEST spot.

                           As usual, Rocco provided the ham

I bought my favourite crocheted blanket and swiftly laid it down in dog shit. NOM! There were SO many kookaburras around. I never knew they had blue wings!

We were at the same place Daves family have been coming to for celebrations for YEARS - under the Roseville Bridge. Phoebe, the boys and I just all chilled for a few hours, waiting for people to start showing up.

Dave took the meat very, very seriously. Here he is with the pork, which he tenderly just lifted clean out of the crackling. THE CRACKLING. That yummy, crunchy, pigskin. Phoebe and I were going nuts eating it and Dave shooed us away. It was the best pork, the best lamb, the best crackle I've ever tasted in my life. I still have a tummy ache.

There ended up being about fifty people there. Games of cricket, soccer, and touch footy galore. Dave leading all of them. He's just that kind of guy - the capable, slightly bossy person who brought everybody together.

His mum is so dignified. Dave said a speech! I couldn't believe it .... he's often too shy for things like that. He spoke about what an amazing woman Anne is, to have been through so much in life and to just keep going. He spoke of how when he and his two older brothers were kids, his mum used to put them all to bed in one big double bed in their house in Cammeray, and she'd head out to work the night shift at the Redfern mail exchange. And what complete TURDS those three Riley boys were. His mum never gave up on Dave, even during his worst, darkest times. (Pretty dark.)

And then Anne cut the cake and we all sang Happy Birthday and somebody tried to start up a rendition of "Why was she born so beautiful ..." and I told Tim and his beautiful girlfriend that that song had the same chorus of Advance Australia Fair. But they didn't believe me and Tim punched me and told me I was full of shit and MAN I adore that boy.

Later they all chanted for me to join touch footy so I did and stuffed up my calf muscle AGAIN but got some good runs in.

On the way home we stopped at Maccas drive through but I didn't order anything because crackling. Rocco got a Happy Meal and it was the Smurfs promotion. I told him I hope he gets Smurfette (as a joke) and he got Smurfette and I laughed, which made him FURIOUS. And he cried and cried until I told him to STOP being so ridiculous he has a mountain of toys at home.

When I turned back around he was fast asleep.

It was a good day.

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