Thursday, 5 September 2013


That's pretty much what everyone is walking around thinking at this point, right? (Overseas readers - we have a Federal Election this Friday and a lot of people are jaded as fuck.)

Truth is, the night former Prime Minister Julia Gillard got knifed in the back by Kevin, I haven't really been bothered to keep up with all the latest news. I've purposely not read articles and watched TV about because ..... it's all so disheartening.

I've been to-ing and fro-ing in my head: COULD I vote Liberal aka Tony Abbott? I've definitely thought about it, just to get Kevin back. Because Kevin is a narcissistic white-anting arse who should have listed ALL of Gillards achievements as PM in his acceptance speech. Not just the ones she did while she was Deputy for him before HE got knifed in the back. By her.

Confused? Yeah. BORING.

I ran into my butcher Norm on the street yesterday. He makes the best chicken schnitzel, crumbs them himself. We always talk politics ever since the time I went in to buy some meat all dolled up in hair and makeup and he asked where have I been ... visiting the Queen? "Close." I said. "I've been visiting PM Julia Gillard."

I waited for the knives to come out but there was none of that. He just looked at me and said, "Well, you tell Jules she's doing a bloody good job running the country and to ignore the media."

And she was - I interviewed her for an hour. I sat next to her for two hours eating dinner at Rooty Hill. She couldn't believe the amount of press and attention her trip to western Sydney had gotten. I grilled her on asylum seekers - she basically admitted that soon, it WILL be illegal to seek asylum not just in Australia but in many countries, as there was some group-petitioning going on to the UN.

I was so incredibly cynical when I first got the email to meet her, but quickly realised the amount of abuse and dissent and lies that were circulating about her and was appalled. She is so incredibly smart, she gave good policy, and she was as polished as anything on the world stage. (Nobody mention India.)

Anyway. She's long-gone now and I haven't believed a goddamn thing Abbott or Rudd have said. SO cranky. I told Norm I was going to vote Greens - he told me not to, that it was probably going to be a landslide win for Abbott so I should vote Rudd to help "keep the new government accountable."

Yesterday I saw a website called Don't Be A Fucking Idiot which lists all the reasons NOT to vote Liberal. It's quite funny - but if I voted Liberal and saw that I'd be insulted that somebody was calling me a fucking idiot.

I believe in free speech, good policy, good government, and a fair go. Schools, hospitals, the elderly .... the vulnerable in our society NEED to be taken care of.

So - the person who originally called the election for this month isn't even in the race anymore, and even though I'm moping around grumbling about voting tomorrow .... I hope whoever is in charge will take good care of the place. Australia is one of the best countries on earth. I hope it stays that way.

I have to go for a (head) appointment right now so I'll reply to comments when I get back. That's if there IS any comments and anybody bothered to read about politics again because BORING. Quick Edenland poll: I'll be (begrudgingly) voting Labor. You?

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